Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Note the Space, Book This Date: Fashion Face of the Caribbean 13.03.2011

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated historical landmarks, Devon House Heritage Site, which is the architectural brainchild of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, would have obviously attracted the attention of Saint International as it is one of those places that is distinctly Jamaican that will make for the perfect venue with just the right setting to host a distinctly Jamaican fashion show. After all, that is what the visitors come to see - a Jamaican fashion show.

The East Verandah at Devon House overlooks the East Lawn where the event will be held

The lawns of this mansion that has history dating back to the 17th century has become home to some of SI's most prestigious events, Style Week Jamaica, Fashion Face of the Caribbean, among others. Our most recent event - Model Citizen - held for SI's historic feature in the prestigious V-Man Magazine as one of the 12 Best Men's Modelling Agencies in the WORLD (the first and only Caribbean agency ever so featured) was held in the Formal Garden. So the pair seems to work - the historic heritage site buzzing with the beats of a historic SI achievement. The mansion has a rich cultural history and SI, also creating history for itself, supports this site, helping to maintain its viability as the island’s premier historical mansion. Now we feel as historic as the house and lawns themselves!

Formal Gardens & the Mansion

Fashion Face of the Caribbean's 2011 staging returns to it's favourite Devon House spot, the East Lawn, on March 13 and as all SI events are, this one promises to be no less glamorous! Prepare to be wowed as the show unfolds...

Make it a date: Fashion Face of the Caribbean, March 13, 2011 @ Devon House East Lawn!!! For tickets, email

Devon House's "Stiebel was among three wealthy Jamaicans who constructed elaborate homes during the late 19th century at the corner of Trafalgar Road and Hope Road, which fittingly became known as the Millionaires Corner...Stiebel’s legacy lives on with the beautifully maintained Devon House, which was declared a national monument in 1990 by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust." - Devon House website

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Becoming a Model...

Who wants to be a model?

The real answer is EVERYONE. True t'ing! Some folks might not want to admit it but deep down every single person wants be a model! Many people dream of becoming a model; few understand what it takes to get into the business. It takes more than beauty; it takes hard work believe it or not, a particular energy or a 'vibe', and a sense of self, confidence. If you have no clue about how to become a model but want to try, then you need to learn what steps to take.

Some of you may already know this, but I love directing people to Google. It is a fantastic tool that can be used to retrieve any sort of information you want from it! Youtube also helps too if you want to model...

To be a model, you only need to be beautiful, right? Wrong! Plenty of attractive men and women who want to be models are unsuccessful. Why? As I pointed out earlier, modeling is not only about beauty - do a pageant if that's all you have. It's about having the 'right look' and that depends on what type of model you are. Further on I'll point out some of the types of models. Our focus at SI, however, is (high) fashion models. It also has tonnes to do with that little thing we call personality.

Ornelia Edwards - Muse, NY; Saint Int'l, Jamaica

A lot of people want to be a model because of the glamor, appeal, lucrativeness and maybe even simply to get recognition in the modeling world. A word of caution to you: this industry is fierce! It's possibly the most competitive and gruelling business that exists and it will more likely break you than make you if you aren't strong enough.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shena Moulton: A Sweet Sensation - NY, London, Milan & Paris Fashion Weeks S/S 2011 Collections

When was the last time you heard of a model, a black model, a Jamaican model, doing all four fashion weeks in the top 4 fashion capitals in the world? In fact, when was the first time you heard of such things taking place? Exactly! Just now and our little angel, Shena Moulton, is holding that candle at the moment, along with many other candles I must add but that is a whole other post by itself.

Shena Moulton, discovered a mere 2 years ago at her high school, has done a vast amount of damage in the fashion industry in her little time. She has conquered major runways, including Calvin Klein for 3 CONSECUTIVE show seasons, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Tommy Hilfiger, Isaac Mizrahi, Custo Barcelona and I'm running out of space...

Shena has achieved a lot at the tender age of 16 and it is high time we raise our hats to her dedication, competitiveness and insurmountable achievements. With a personality like hers, who should be surprized anyway? She is possibly the most friendly and funny girl you will ever meet. There is no way you can be around her and be sad. She brings your smile out, whether it's with a story that she tells so well or just being Shena.

Folks, I say no more. Shena Moulton...

Ashane Rose Gives It All on London & Paris Fashion Weeks' S/S 2011 Collection

Ashane Ashane Ashane, a name that is now on the tongues and lips of a number of the world's greatest fashion houses. You'll see what I mean in my following posts. This beautiful, black girl has a face, legs and personality to captivate you for days with just one impression. For the past show season, Ashane has conquered the runways of London and Paris, the toughest fashion capital in the world! She is the epitome of effervescence and only God knows how she fits all her personality into her tiny frame.

Ashane, another Jamaican success story, is ready to take the world by a force greater than the strongest storm you've ever experienced. Get ready folks because she is going nowhere but up for a long time. For now, let's get wrapped in some Ashane Black & Beautiful Rose in London...

 Ashane Rose for Betty Jackson

Ashane Rose for Betty Jackson

 Ashane Rose for Erdem

 Ashane Rose for Felder Felder

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NY Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collection: Raschell Osbourne Oozes Appeal

Raschell Osbourne! Need I say more? This stunning super star signed in Jamaica, Milan, Paris and New York has been blazing the catwalks, even in South Africa, with her killer curves and legs that go on forever! Four years in the business and she is not losing an ounce of steam - the mark of a true star. During the last show season, Raschell booked a whopping 17, yes I said 17, shows for New York Fashion Week alone! Expected, right? I mean who can really resist such a vixen?

Raschell carries that spark into every room, which causes an outburst of happiness and joy almost spontaneously. Her smile is one in a million. She is fierce, edgy and simply wonderful. No wonder this ever fabulous yoga junkie makes those bookings seem so simple...



Mara Hoffman 

Mondo Guerra Project Runway 

Odd Molly 

NY Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collection: Ornelia Edwards

Winner of the last installment of Fashion Face of the Caribbean, Ornelia Edwards, created a spectacular buzz From the moment she walked into the room of international judges last year. Shortly after winning, she went to her agency in New York, Muse Models, and was warmly received by the fashion world. She was featured as a new face on as well as model of the week on the same site just last week.

Her newness did not seem to be a deterrent to her success in her first season on the international stage. Walking for designers, such as Marc Jacobs, Custo Barcelona and Rachel Comey, it can safely be said that Ornelia had a superb debut season on New York's stages. Look at what she has been doing...

 Ornelia for Custo Barcelona

Ornelia for to house Marc Jacobs in her first show season 

Ornelia in Nathan Jenden 

NY Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collection: Jotasha Turnbull Turns up the Heat on the Runway!

This diva competed in a fierce competition of stunning models and finished on top in the Saint International CVM Faces of Summer competition back in 2004 and has since then been ripping runways for top designers such as Catherine Malandrino, Heatherette, Junko Yashioko in New York like they have never been ripped before with her superb signature catwalk. Last show season was no different! Walking for top class design and style houses, Saint International and Elite NY's sweetheart, Jo-T...

Jotasha for Pablo Remirez

Rocking it in Malan Breton

Learn from the classy: Malan Breton & Jotasha

An excerpt from Samantha Pleet's Show

Showing the world how she rips the runway in L Valenzuela

NY Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collection: Sosheba Griffiths' Success Story

After this stunning Jamaican starlet made headlines for strutting for world renowned fashion house, Givenchy, last year, she has once again made strides in the fashion arena for a host of top class designers, including Rachel Comey & Gant, in the recent New York Fashion Week. Take a look at the beautiful shots we got of this Muse...
Sosheba for Diane Von Furstenberg

Rachel Roy

Rachel Comey

Mandy Coon

Gary Graham